Emergency Services

Emergencies usually happen during the night or while people are on vacation. NO need to worry. We provide a 24 hour emergency answering service. If there is an injury, a toothache or any other dental issues or concerns at night or while you are away, please call us and we will be more than happy to get back to you at our earliest convenience. 973-232-5448


What to do incase of dental emergencies:


  • Adult Tooth is Knocked Out: If a permanent tooth is knocked out of the mouth, clean it off with cold milk and reinsert back into its space, and see a pediatric dentist immediately. The longer you wait the poorer prognosis the tooth has. If you feel uncomfortable reinserting it back in place, store the tooth in cold milk and bring it to the pediatric dentist (ideally within 30 min).
  • Baby Tooth is knocked out: if it is a baby tooth, leave it out of the mouth (do not reinsert), and follow up with the dentist.
  • Adult tooth is knocked out: If a tooth breaks off, save the piece if you can. There is a chance your pediatric dentist will be able to reattach it back on.
  • Baby tooth gets bumped or chips: In most cases a pediatric dentist is likely to monitor the tooth. A parent should watch for color changes, pain and a little bump that may present on the gums. It is always best to follow up with your pediatric dentist for a complete evaluation.


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